Second Genome Solutions offers proactive scientific consultation to help clients identify the appropriate scope, scale and timeline for successful microbiome research. Second Genome's solution study design support is included in all of our research service offerings. Taking the time to properly design your study will lead to better microbiome science and discovery.

Our team starts by understanding the client's research goals and objectives. If the study is being designed prospectively, our team can provide suggestions for the required experimental design to achieve these goals. If the study is being designed from a sample bank our team will work with the client to understand the available samples and help select the best subset to get at the desired questions. Microbiome studies can vary widely in both scope and size. Our team is here to help determine the best study for to help accelerate your research goals.

For clients conducting prospective research, Second Genome Solutions offers specialized microbiome collection kits for collecting samples from participants.  We have a variety of different offerings, each tailored to  the study requirements including human stool collection. Our kits are designed to support in-clinic or in-home collection, and make the process easy and convenient. Customizations include: pre-labeled materials, various preservation methods, necessary materials for in-clinic storage and transport to the lab. In addition to kit materials, we offer comprehensive logistical support to successfully execute the trial from kit distribution and transportation management to sample receipt and storage.  Our goal is to deliver a robust, field-tested, complete solution to ensure all samples are properly handled prior to analysis.

Data analysis is tailored to the study design, experimental question and statistical power of the study. Our team works side-by-side with each client to understand their research questions and ensure that we are aligned in the study objectives. Gaining a strong understanding of the researcher experimental objectives allows our team to build the right statistical plan for testing the research questions.

All samples are processed in a GLP-compliant laboratory to ensure the quality and integrity of the data. We have developed standardized operating protocols for all laboratory processes and include robust control testing in all of our work.

Microbiome analyses generate massive amounts of data that are complicated and time consuming to interpret. Second Genome Solutions offers a high-quality end-to-end research service with robust bioinformatics to minimize the processing and statistical challenges associated with microbiome studies. Second Genome Solutions uses its own proprietary data analysis software package for all bioinformatic analyses. Generalized portions of the analysis include data normalization against quantitative standards to generate tables containing the relative or absolute abundance of each detected organism across the experiment. Inter-sample distances are calculated (Bray, Euclidean, Unifrac) for comparative analysis. Visualization methods are useful to gain further insight how study samples clustered and ordinated relative to one another (UPGMA, PCoA, NMDS). Overlaying the researcher's metadata to investigate the experimental questions allows our team of microbial ecologists to identify the greatest insights related to the microbiome.

 Following completion of all reports the Second Genome team reviews all analyses and outcomes with the primary investigating team. Through interactive discussion with our informatics experts and microbial ecologists we aim to ensure all relevant or unique insights from the study are fully discovered. We will work with you to address all your questions and clarify the next steps in your experiment if needed. Most of our clients have limited backgrounds in microbiome research and its our goal to ensure the experimental questions are addressed and every investigator gets the most out of his or her project.