Collection Kits

For clients conducting prospective research, Second Genome Solutions offers specialized microbiome collection kits for collecting samples from study participants.  We have a variety of different offerings, each tailored to  the study requirements, including kits for collection of human stool. Our kits are designed to support in-clinic or in-home collection, and make the process easy and convenient. Materials and customizations include:

  • Collection tube count and tube labeling
  • Home or in-clinic collection
  • Protocol-specific participant instruction
  • Sample preservation methods (e.g. chemical or frozen)
  • In-clinic storage materials
  • Transportation and shipping materials
Clinical Trial Logistics Support

In addition to kit materials, we offer comprehensive logistical support to successfully execute the trial.  Our support ranges from from kit distribution and transportation management to sample receipt and storage.  Our goal is to deliver a robust, field-tested, complete solution to ensure all samples are properly handled prior to analysis.