Microbiome analyses generate massive amounts of data that are multi-dimensional  and time consuming to interpret. Our team has a significant amount of experience handling these big data sets and are available to support you in your analysis efforts if needed. Our goal is to minimize processing and statistical challenges associated with microbiome studies for as many researchers as possible. Whether you are interested in our standard pipeline to conduct characterization and comparative, multivariate statistical analyses or a custom project we are here to help.

Our statistical analyses typically include: raw data quality stats, data normalization, phylogenetic or pathway characterization, sample-to-sample composition comparison, correlation to study covariates, and highlighting differentially abundant features. Various visualization methods are utilized to gain further insight into study group or time point comparisons. Our pipelines also incorporate all provided study metadata, allowing our microbiome experts to dig deep into the dataset and uncover the greatest insights related to the microbiome. Additionally, as the area of microbiome research analyses are rapidly evolving, we continue to develop new methods to stay current with our analysis and ensure we are provided our partners the latest in microbiome science. 

If you are interested in a new analysis or something you don't see here please contact our team as we would be excited to work on something new with you.