Founded in 2009 by leading experts in microbial research and drug discovery, Second Genome is developing a proprietary, first-in-class microbiome drug discovery platform to develop novel therapeutics in a range of diseases.

By bringing microbiome science to the discovery and development of therapeutic products, Second Genome has established a pipeline of therapeutic candidates for inflammatory bowel, liver and metabolic diseases. Our development pipeline is fueled by novel technologies for identifying, screening, and scientifically validating product candidates through a comprehensive understanding of host-microbe interaction and the resulting implications in driving disease.

The choice to digitally distill the microbiome and capture its “active components” resulted from the recent change in the underlying assumptions in biology and medicine. All organisms (humans, animals, plants) and microbes are symbionts, with more than 100 trillion microbes in us and on us. While we have about 25,000 human genes, our bodies contain more than 10 million bacterial genes, with an estimated 30% of molecules in our blood stream coming from gut bacteria. Our symbiotic co-existence with bacteria draws on their unique ability to impact our health & wellness through profound biological effects on our bodies, including immune regulation, energy biogenesis, neurologic signaling, infectious control, vitamin, amino acid and dietary component synthesis to name a few. When a normal microbiome becomes dysbiotic, characterized by alterations in the functions mentioned above, it can result in disease. There are currently more than 30,000 scientific publications in the literature that tie the microbiome to human health and disease, including, gastrointestinal (GI), metabolic, hepatic, autoimmune, oncologic, neurologic and cardiovascular disorders. This has positioned the microbiome as the next rich source of therapeutic agents that Second Genome has begun to industrialize.

Founded on groundbreaking science from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the support of veteran biotechnology entrepreneurs, our technologies have been validated through partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, as well as academic and governmental research institutions. The company is backed by investors with a track record of value creation, including Pfizer Venture Investments, Roche Venture Fund, SR One Venture Partners and Digitalis Ventures.