More than 100 trillion microorganisms live in our gut, mouth, skin and other mucosal surfaces of our bodies. These organisms represent more than 1 million genes, as compared to the approximately 25,000 human genes. These microbes have numerous beneficial functions relevant to supporting life such as digesting food, preventing disease-causing pathogens from invading the body, and synthesizing essential nutrients and vitamins. The microbiome is involved in regulation of the immune system, central nervous system, and circulatory system, to name a few. With the advancement of genomic and computational technologies, the capacity of this "second genome" to influence health and disease can now be harnessed.

Second Genome is a pre-clinical stage company focused on discovering and developing therapeutics identified using microbiome science. Second Genome plans to file an IND or equivalent for a second clinical candidate involved in mucosal healing, and has a pipeline of discovery candidates in the area of immuno-oncology. The deep pipeline results from Second Genome’s robust drug discovery platform, which elucidates and interrogates important microbial (microbiome) functions that strongly influence human health and disease as the basis for therapeutic discovery. Central to this platform is the world’s largest dynamic, curated database and a suite of software, hardware and data science capabilities that allows Second Genome to accurately identify microbial biology in health and disease.