Second Genome Advances Lead Microbiome Drug Development Program in Phase I Clinical Trial as a Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

January 12, 2015, South San Francisco, CA

South San Francisco, CA — January 12, 2015 – Second Genome, Inc., a pioneer in the development of novel medicines through innovative microbiome science, announced today that the company is advancing its lead drug candidate, SGM-1019, into a Phase I multiple-ascending dose clinical trial for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. SGM-1019 inhibits a target that Second Genome researchers discovered to be a key driver of inflammatory bowel disease when modulated by changes in the microbiome.

“Second Genome is focused on efficiently translating novel disease insights from our Microbiome Discovery Platform into therapeutics targeting new disease pathways,” said Peter DiLaura, President and CEO of Second Genome. “Our scientists have identified a novel and important relationship between microbiome modulation of the target of SGM-1019 and inflammatory bowel disease. SGM-1019 has the potential to address a critical unmet need in inflammatory bowel disease treatment as a safe and well-tolerated oral therapy with an important disease modifying effect. This is the first of many clinical programs we expect to come from our Microbiome Discovery Platform, across multiple therapeutic areas.”

SGM-1019 has completed a double-blind, placebo controlled, single ascending oral dose trial in healthy subjects. The study demonstrated that SGM-1019 achieved targeted exposure levels and was well tolerated, with no significant adverse events. In addition, SGM-1019 displayed strong target engagement in a pharmacodynamic assay designed to measure activity against the targeted mechanism of action.

Second Genome will extend the Phase I trial to explore multiple ascending doses to identify an optimal dose for future studies. The company expects to complete the Phase I trial later this year.

About SGM-1019

SGM-1019 is an orally delivered small molecule initially being developed by Second Genome for the treatment of Crohn’s disease, an indication in inflammatory bowel disease. It is a potent and selective inhibitor of an undisclosed target identified by Second Genome. Subsequently, Second Genome obtained exclusive rights to SGM-1019 from an undisclosed biopharmaceutical partner.

About Second Genome’s Microbiome Discovery Platform

The human microbiome is comprised of an estimated 100 trillion bacteria that are present in each human body. This bacterial community is engaged in constant mechanistic interactions with its human host, impacting a wide range of biological processes involved in the maintenance of health and contributing to chronic diseases.

Second Genome’s proprietary Microbiome Discovery Platform elucidates the complex interplay between the microbiome and host biology systems, enabling the identification and validation of microbiome modulated drug targets. In addition, Second Genome’s unique view of microbiome-host interactions drives a redefinition of disease, enabling the company and its partners to identify subsets of patients for optimized therapeutic targeting based on microbiome-host activity.

About Second Genome

Second Genome’s mission is to transform lives with medicines developed through innovative microbiome science. Second Genome has built a novel platform for microbiome drug discovery, and is engaged in active programs in multiple areas of significant unmet medical need. Please visit for more information.

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