Second Genome Announces Human Microbiome Project Publications

June 13, 2012, San Bruno, CA

Second Genome is pleased to highlight co-authorship by Todd DeSantis, Second Genome co-founder and Director of Bioinformatics, on Structure, Function and Diversity of the Healthy Human Microbiome and A Framework for Human Microbiome Research, part of a collection of papers from the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) to be published in the June 14th issue of the journal Nature

HMP researchers sampled 242 healthy U.S. volunteers to catalogue the microbial communities inhabiting tissues from 15 body sites in men and 18 body sites in women. Not unlike normal variation to drug response or disease progression, HMP researchers found a diversity of microbial community inhabitants among healthy individuals. The work also highlighted the key roles played by the human microbiome including the breakdown of many proteins, lipids and carbohydrates as well as the production of beneficial compounds, such as vitamins and anti-inflammatories that humans are unable to produce on their own.

The Second Genome team is excited to continue to build on this work in our efforts to develop novel microbiome-modulating therapies and identify novel biomarkers.