Second Genome Presents Preclinical Data at Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s® IBD Innovate Conference for Potential First in Class Mucosal Healing Therapeutic SG-5-00455

SG-5-00455 delivered directly to the gut via engineered L. lactis system restores barrier function and improves mucosal healing in an ulcerative colitis model

Company also participates as new Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Corporate Circle member to support Foundation’s IBD treatment, awareness and patient engagement initiatives

BRISBANE, Calif. – November 18, 2021 – Second Genome, a biotechnology company that leverages its proprietary platform sg-4sight to discover and develop precision therapies and biomarkers, presented preclinical data from its mucosal healing program in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s IBD Innovate: Product Development in Crohn’s & Colitis® virtual conference held November 18-19, and announced its Corporate Circle membership for a three-year term.

SG-5-00455, the Company’s lead drug candidate from its drug and biomarker development program in IBD, could potentially be a first in class therapeutic that improves mucosal healing in IBD patients. SG-2-0776, a novel protein, was engineered into an L. lactis drug delivery system, SG-5-00455, for direct, non-systemic delivery to the gut. Mucosal healing is a key therapeutic goal for IBD and currently ranked by physicians as the top unmet need.*

“While it is known that the microbiome affects the gut immune system and mucosal health, the relationship between discrete microbial strains, secreted proteins and mucosal healing remains poorly understood. Our preclinical findings show bacteria associated with healthy human microbiota that are reduced in ulcerative colitis patients play an important role in gut homeostasis by producing proteins that display a novel mechanism of action related to extracellular matrix (ECM) binding, improved barrier function and mucosal healing in response to epithelial damage,” said Karim Dabbagh, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at Second Genome. “We are also proud to announce our Corporate Circle membership to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Patients urgently need new therapeutic approaches that improve their quality of life, and the Foundation is leading meaningful therapeutic discovery, disease awareness and patient assistance efforts leading to much needed innovation.”

The Company delivered the presentation, “Microbial proteins depleted in UC patients interact with the extracellular matrix and promote mucosal homeostasis,” during the breakout poster session on November 18. The presentation will be accessible by meeting attendees and will also be made available on the Company’s website at

About Second Genome

Second Genome is a biotechnology company that leverages its proprietary tech platform sg-4sight to discover and develop transformational precision therapies and biomarkers through clinical development and commercialization based on novel microbial genetic insights. We built a proprietary microbiome-based drug discovery and development platform with machine-learning analytics, customized protein engineering techniques, phage library screening, mass spec analysis and CRISPR, that we couple with traditional drug development approaches to progress the development of therapies and diagnostics for wide-ranging diseases. Second Genome is advancing a deep drug discovery and biomarker pipeline with precision therapeutics and biomarker programs in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and cancer, with the lead programs IBD and cancer expected to enter clinical development in 2022. We also collaborate with industry, academic and governmental partners to leverage our microbiome platform and data science. We hold a strategic collaboration with Gilead Sciences, Inc., utilizing our proprietary platform and comprehensive data sets to identify novel biomarkers associated with clinical response to Gilead’s investigational medicines. We also hold a strategic collaboration with Arena Pharmaceuticals to identify microbiome biomarkers associated with clinical response for their lead program in gastroenterology, etrasimod. For more information, please visit

* Custom Physician Survey: 39 Gastroenterologists, minimum of five years in practice, treats > 30 IBD patients per month, fielded November 2021.