Second Genome To Present Biomarker Data in Oncology at Keystone Symposium

Company Identifies Microbiome-based Composite Biomarker Predictive of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 19, 2021—Second Genome, a leader in microbiome science, will present data today demonstrating the identification of a microbiome-based composite biomarker which can be used to predict response to immune checkpoint inhibitors. The data will be presented at the Keystone Symposium entitled “Harnessing the Microbiome for Disease Prevention and Therapy” being held from January 18-20. The oral presentation will be included in “The Microbiome and Cancer” session and is titled “Microbiome-based biomarker predicts response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in a melanoma meta-cohort independently of clinical features.”

Immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy can provide a durable benefit for melanoma patients, however a large percent of patients may not derive a meaningful clinical response. The microbial-derived composite biomarker presented today by Second Genome may help guide physicians in developing personalized therapeutic strategies for patients. The metacohort utilized for the development of the biomarker is geographically-diverse and consisted of four public cohorts and two Second Genome proprietary cohorts of melanoma patients. Additionally, Second Genome leveraged its SG KnowledgeBase™ and used both functional and taxonomic features from the microbiome as well as clinical and demographic features from the patients, combined with advance machine learning techniques, to develop this composite biomarker. This biomarker classified patients with high accuracy, relied on a small number of microbial markers and was validated in an independent cohort.

Second Genome aims to reimagine patient care through the lens of the microbiome, and the company’s program in immuno-oncology demonstrates Second Genome’s ability to leverage its SG KnowledgeBase™ and expertise in machine learning to identify biomarkers that predict response to therapy.

“As we move forward with the continued validation of these biomarkers and their development into diagnostic products, we are also making progress with our therapeutic programs that target pathways that will complement anti-PD1 therapies to drive superior response to treatment and personalized care. We are planning to apply our comprehensive discovery platform for developing targeted therapies for multiple heterogenous diseases,” stated Karim Dabbagh, PhD, President and CEO of Second Genome.

About Second Genome

Second Genome is a full-stack precision medicine and drug discovery company which identifies biomarkers, biological pathways, targets and potential therapeutics given its ability to harness the human-microbiome interface and has the capabilities to take products through clinical development to commercialization. The company uses its comprehensive microbiome-based drug discovery engine to discover and develop both microbially-derived protein therapeutics and biological targets resulting from how the microbiome influences a wide variety of diseases including cancer and immune-mediated diseases. Second Genome’s pipeline includes preclinical programs in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and cancer, with the lead program SG-2-0776 in IBD expected to enter clinical development in 2022. Additionally, the company has a strategic collaboration with Gilead Sciences, Inc. whereby Gilead is utilizing Second Genome’s proprietary Microbiome Analytics Platform™ to identify novel biomarkers associated with clinical response to Gilead’s investigational medicines. For more information, please visit


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