Lead Program
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  • Indication: Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)
  • Administration: oral, via engineered L. lactis
  • Goal: achieve mucosal healing
  • Discovered: healthy guts
  • peptide Peptide: SG-2-0776
  • target Target: PAI-1 / PAI-2
  • IP filed
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Lead Program
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  • Indication: solid tumors
  • Administration: SQ, IV
  • Goal: amplify immune signal & induce migration of immune cells to tumor microenvironment
  • Discovered: from checkpoint inhibitor responders
  • peptide Peptide: SG-3-06686
  • target Target: CXCR3
  • IP filed
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  • Indication: oncology and gastrointestinal diseases

8 programs in early discovery

Second Genome therapeutic approach

We are finding novel targets and using the discovered natural peptides to drug what historically has been undruggable targets


Our approach: microbial secretion

Microbes release peptides to influence their human host via specific human targets. Second Genome approach is to identify these peptide-human target interactions and then utilize the peptide to develop a therapeutic agent.

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