16S Inferred Metagenomic Function

Due to deep sequencing and complex computational requirements, Whole Metagenomic Functional Profiling, which directly sequences and profiles the differential genes involved in the specific experiment, can be cost prohibitive for all experiments and preliminary research efforts.

As an alternative to direct functional profiling, we have also leverage 16S Inferred Metagenomic Function. This allows our team to utilize 16S community profiles to estimate the metagenomic function of a microbial community. In this computational approach to functional composition, 16S sequencing reads are mapped to known genomes within a reference database. With more than ~15,000 bacterial genomes in the Second Genome database, our approach accesses more bacterial genomes than any inferred functional approach published to date. Providing similar topline results similar to Whole Metagenomic Functional Profiling, this computational approach gives us a rapid, cost-effective path for gaining insight into the estimated functional potential of a community.