Our microbiome analyses generate massive amounts of data that are multi-dimensional and can be complicated to interpret. Transitioning this mass of data to meaningful microbiome research findings requires significant expertise and understanding of both microbial ecology and bioinformatic analyses. Drawing from leading academic centers, industry, government, and laboratories, Second Genome has built an expert team of microbial bioinformaticians that are pioneering the identification of bioactive molecules from the microbiome.

We have built the preeminent microbiome data warehouse with a platform that has the ability to mine for bioactives at an industrial scale. For each therapeutic area our teams leverage large data sets from multiple studies to eliminate any single study bias and ensure a well-representative data set in the target condition. After evaluation of all candidates in bioassays, machine learning prioritizes these candidates for further evaluation and searches the database for additional candidates at a scale only attainable with Second Genome’s efficient and secure use of cloud technologies.

Additionally, as the area of microbiome research analyses are rapidly evolving, we continue to develop new methods to stay current with our analysis and ensure we are leveraging the latest in microbiome science.